What’s next for the Apple Watch?


Apple’s upcoming Watch will feature a redesigned display, a smaller bezel and a new “glow” display that’s brighter than a smartphone display.

The new “glass” style display has been in the works for some time and has been touted as a breakthrough in the technology industry, though it’s not yet clear if Apple is going to include it in the next Watch.

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The new display will be smaller than the current “glass-like” display, which is made of glass and uses a light-emitting diode to emit light.

The display will have a thinner bezel, too.

The device will also have a “glowing” screen that’s slightly brighter than the smartphone display, with the display being brighter than when viewed from behind.

Apple Watch will have 3D Touch to turn on or off a charging station, and the display will also include ambient light sensors to automatically adjust brightness based on the time of day and ambient temperature.

The phone display will continue to have its own ambient light sensor.

The “glass bezel” will be thinner than the iPhone display and will be about two millimeters thinner than a standard iPhone.

The company is also looking to “solve” a number of problems with the iPhone’s display, including a “pinch” on the right side of the display.

Apple is also hoping to reduce the overall size of the Apple watch, with Apple Watch Series 3 featuring a bezel that’s about three millimeters smaller than that of the iPhone.

Apple is also planning to bring back the original iPhone 6 display with the addition of a “glass window” to the display, though the “glassed out” iPhone 6 has been replaced by a glass display in recent years.

Apple has also made a number changes to the design of the new Watch Series 2, including replacing the curved iPhone logo with a square-shaped icon.