How much of your internet is down? | News story


The UK’s National Grid says there are no more outages across the country due to a network outage.

However, some internet users have been complaining of intermittent or even continuous outages on social media sites.

The outage happened at 6.30am on Thursday morning.

It is believed to have been caused by the disruption of an old copper line. 

The National Grid said that the line had been replaced by fibre, which is more resilient to faults and is expected to be operational until Monday morning.

The UK’s electricity supply was disrupted by the outage, with some customers experiencing power cuts for up to a half hour.

A spokesperson for the National Grid told Business Insider that “we do not have any power outages, but there are issues with a line which we are working on”.

The National Rail network has been suspended due to the outage.

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