How the peco shutdown affects India’s power grid


A peco-controlled power station in Uttar Pradesh is currently offline, after an attack on a transformer in the plant, according to the state government.

The state’s Electricity Corporation of India (ECI) has said that the transformer at the plant was damaged by an explosion on Thursday, and the plant has been shut down.

It has not stated why the power company was offline.

The power outage has been blamed on the incident that took place on Thursday.

According to the ECI, the explosion happened after the transformer failed in the evening, and there was an attempt to destroy the power grid by using the damaged transformer as a weapon.

The ECI said that this was the second incident this month in which the power station has been attacked, and they will be looking into it.

The outage has also hit a gas pipeline, according the state electricity department.

The power supply to this pipeline was temporarily disconnected due to the incident.