What you need to know about new cal fire maps and the new Fortnite update


We have a new map of Fortnits, which is going to be released this month.

We also got a look at the new map, which will be the first of its kind for Fortnites.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the new maps that will be coming out in the next few months.

The first Fortnit map that’s going to see release is the “The Wildlands” one.

It’s a very high-quality, full-size map that will include the map editor and all of the Fortniting features that Fortnited 4 introduced.

It also includes a large amount of additional features, such as an area editor and more.

The Wildland map is going up on April 25th.

We’re already seeing some gameplay footage for it, so it should be coming very soon.

We’ll update you as soon as more information becomes available.

A new map for Fortnsite, which we’ve been hearing a lot about, will be available this month, but it’s not going to include the FortNite editor.

It will, however, include the new “Fortnite” level editor, which you can download here.

The map editor for Fortsites “Wildlands” map is not yet live, but we have the first screenshots of it, which are very impressive.

You can see them here.

It features the same map editor as the one Fortnitor introduced.

The Wildlands map is a full-sized map, but you can click on the thumbnail below to go to the larger version.

The second map we have is the New Fortnittons “Map of the Wildlands.”

This map is based on the “Fires” map from Fortnitions 4.

We’ve also got some more screenshots, which show the map in its full-screen format.

This is also going to have the new editor, but they’re not yet ready for public use.

It looks like the map will be released on May 17th.

If you want to learn more about the map, we’ve included a link to the official site.

The site also has a guide for using the map.

The official Fortniter site is still up and running, so if you want a more detailed look at what’s new in Fortnitors 4, it’s still here.