When is COVID-19 and how do you know?


By: Jennifer Stahl, The Huffington, Medical Cannabis dispensary owner in Oregon who was diagnosed with the virus at age 27.

Posted September 25, 2018 09:10:00The United States was hit with the first COVID case in the United States on September 10, 2018, when a woman in Oregon reported her boyfriend had the virus.

She was diagnosed later that day.

At first, doctors thought she had a virus from another man.

She did not.

Her boyfriend tested positive.

The next day, the patient who tested positive tested positive to the virus too.

It was a little more than a week later that the patient was diagnosed.

The patient has since recovered.

The case is still being investigated, but the virus is not new and it is not clear if it will be the first to strike the U.S.

It has been estimated that about half of all cases of COVID will occur in people over 50.

The average age of the first person diagnosed is about 42.

There is no specific vaccine for the COVID.

However, there are a few things people can do to reduce the risk of infection and prevent it.

Here are some steps that are helpful to protect yourself from the virus:Avoid smoking.

Smoking, especially after drinking alcohol, can increase the risk for COVID if you have a family history of it.

Drink water only.

When drinking, use a faucet that is not hooked into a hose or tap.

Avoid eating raw or undercooked foods.

Do not eat raw or uncooked fish or meat.

Limit your exposure to sunlight.

Most indoor lighting will not work properly in the winter months.

Keep out of direct sunlight.

Drink plenty of water and avoid eating foods that contain oil.

Eat only food and non-foods that have been refrigerated for more than 24 hours.

Drinking water can also reduce the chances of getting sick if you drink it after eating.

When you are in a vehicle, do not drink alcohol or use other substances that can make you sick.

Avoid driving and taking long walks outdoors.

Avoid driving at night or at night-time.

Drink plenty of fluids.

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