When it comes to the Israeli map, we’re the ones who should be ashamed of our country


It’s not often that a map of Israel is so blatantly wrong.

But when it comes down to it, it’s hard not to see the Israeli military as the biggest snitch in the world.

That’s the view of a new map produced by a leading Israeli defence analyst, who believes the army’s “overwhelming” advantage over its Palestinian rivals is due to the fact that the mapmakers have no idea who’s actually in Israel.

The map is being used by Israel’s military and the Israeli public as a way of projecting its superiority over the Palestinians, who have been repeatedly caught out by Israeli air strikes.

But the mapmaker behind the project is a senior Israeli academic who calls himself Shai Shafir, and his map is a direct hit to the image of Israel as the snitch who’s always right.

“The problem is that we have no understanding of who actually lives in the West Bank,” he said.

“The Palestinians don’t know who lives in Bethlehem or Hebron.

It’s a lie that the Israelis tell to their own people.”

That is why I’m trying to create a map that shows where the Israelis live.

It gives a very accurate picture of the reality.

“Shafir has compiled the map in his new book, “Israel’s Secret: The Israeli Army and the Myth of Israeli Power”, based on an analysis of the map produced last year by Israel Air Force Major General Amit Shafri, the director of the Israel Air Defence Force.

It’s a map made up of a series of layers, which Shafrir calls “numbers of dots”, and shows Israel’s population density in each of the five sectors of the country, including the Westbank.

It also shows how much territory Israel controls, and how much it has lost since 1948.”

And this army has to be a snitch, a spy, someone who is always ready to lie. “

We don’t have a single soldier in our army.

And this army has to be a snitch, a spy, someone who is always ready to lie.

It can’t be a regular army, a regular police force.

They need to be spies.”

According to the map, which the Israeli academic said was made with help from the Israeli Ministry of Defence and the Ministry of Civil Affairs, Israel has around 1.8 million soldiers and police officers in the country.

“It’s an extremely powerful military force,” he told Al Jazeera.

“And we know that its soldiers are very loyal.

They follow orders.

They are disciplined.

But they don’t really know who the soldiers are, or what their purpose is.”

What’s really surprising is that there are very few Palestinian citizens.

And they have very few jobs.

They have no jobs, no education.

They don’t own their land.

They’re living on the land they have stolen.

“In a separate analysis, published in the New York Times, Shafiri said that despite its size, Israel’s army has a huge advantage over the Palestinian armed groups.”

It also has a very large air force, with an air force of around 1,400 aircraft, which has around 30,000 personnel. “

There is a very high degree of coordination, the same way the army is closely supervised by the military leadership.”

It also has a very large air force, with an air force of around 1,400 aircraft, which has around 30,000 personnel.

But its aircraft do not come from a single source.

Instead, the Israeli Air Force buys its fighters from various countries.

This is not a case of a “spy” army, he said, “but an army that has the ability to be an air-defence force.”

It is also a case where the Israeli Army has an “outdated, outdated, outdated and outdated idea of how to deal with the Palestinian problem”.

“Israel doesn’t want to fight.

It wants to use force.

And the only force it has is force.

So they are very, very careful with who they allow into the country,” Shafire said.”

If the Israelis are allowed to enter, they will find themselves in a very different situation than they have been in since the beginning of the [1967] war.

It is an old army that is still in its infancy.

It will have to learn how to use its force to protect itself from the Palestinian people, rather than the other way around.”

But Shafiry is quick to point out that Israel has not had to deal directly with the Palestinians since the 1967 war.

“Israel was a member of the Security Council from 1967 until 2014, and has never formally taken part in any peace negotiations,” he noted.

“It’s been a member since 1973.

The only reason Israel joined is because the Palestinians wanted to join the peace process.””

So, to say the least, Israel doesn’t have much control over the region, but it does have control over its military and its air force.

Israel has a lot of influence in