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It was only a matter of time before a tech startup came along that would make a splash with its innovative app, a video streaming app that has been downloaded over 25 million times.

Now, a group of startup investors is pushing to get the startup up and running.

The investors are part of the accelerator program called The Seed Fund, a venture capital program aimed at promising promising startups that will help them grow faster than the traditional venture capital industry. 

The Seed Fund’s aim is to attract more than $100 million in investment, with an investment from Google Ventures at $1 million each.

The Seed fund was created in 2018 by former Google executive Steve Jurvetson.

It is also being touted by the venture capital community as an alternative to the venture capitalist process.

The fund is not owned by any VC firms.

The venture capitalists will help the company grow through partnerships with the companies they invest in.

“There are a lot of great companies that are doing things like we are doing, but you’ve got to find people who have the same ideas and the same values and the drive and the ability to do that, and we believe that that’s the seed of what we’re trying to do,” venture capitalist Jim Rutter told VentureBeat. 

This seed fund is being launched by the Draper Fisher Jurvett Pediatric Fund, which invests in health-related companies.

The seed fund has already received $1.4 million from Google Capital, $2.6 million from Sequoia Capital, and $1,858,000 from Andreessen Horowitz.

The first round of investments will take place in the second quarter of 2019. 

Jurvetsen also serves as an adviser to the seed fund.

The startup is currently in the early stages of testing its product, which will allow users to upload their own videos and photos and then stream them via the app.

The video streaming service is currently free for the first six months.

The company will expand the service over time.

The startup is a mobile app that lets users stream videos from the internet and other devices and then share them on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and Snapchat.

Users can also share their video content directly to their friends via video chat or in a video message. 

“We are excited about the opportunities this initiative will create for our users, including the ability for them to connect with and create content for others in their communities,” said Andreessen Partner and co-founder Ben Horowitz.

“We see the Seed Fund as an innovative way to connect young people to the people and opportunities they will need in their lives, while also creating a valuable portfolio for these investors.”

The app was first launched in late 2017 and has since been downloaded on more than 15 million devices.

The company’s first funding round, in May, was led by the Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers venture firm.