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A new version of the popular Bing Maps app is available for Windows 10, bringing some much-needed changes to the app.

Bing Maps 10.2.2 is available now for Windows Insiders and will be rolled out to the rest of the app’s users later this month.

Bing has been working to bring a new version to the Bing Maps store, which has traditionally been slow to get updates.

That said, Bing has made some changes to make it easier for users to use Bing Maps on Windows 10.

Here are the biggest changes.

Bing Now Supports Maps with Google Maps Bing Maps can now load Google Maps data from Google Maps with Bing Maps.

The Bing Maps team has also made some tweaks to the way Bing Maps displays its results for Google Maps, including new icons and navigation in the map bar.

Google Maps for Windows has also been updated to support Bing Maps for Bing.

The new version will also work with Windows Phone 8.1 and 10.

Bing now supports a few additional Google Maps-based navigation features: “Find” and “View Map.”

“Search” and Google Maps.

“Pin” to the map.

If you tap on a tile, the map will zoom in.

“Scroll” on the map, which shows the current location.

If there are multiple tile layers on the same tile, they’ll all be displayed at once.

Google has also added a few more maps to the Google Maps app for Windows: MapViewer and Map Viewer HD.

MapViewers now allow users to create and share map views.

These maps will appear in the Google maps search bar.

“Google Maps on Bing” is now a Google Maps feature that can be used in Maps apps for Windows and Windows Phone.

Bing’s Maps app can also use Google Maps on Google Maps to help people find and navigate their way around.

You can also set up Google Maps search using Bing Maps, and the search will be presented in the Bing maps app.

Google will be working to support this feature on its own as well.

Windows 10’s Maps feature has been a little slow lately, and it’s been frustrating for users.

Windows Maps is one of the best navigation apps available on Windows and we’re thrilled that Bing Maps is getting this feature.

We’re excited to see how users use it.

In addition, the Bing Map team has been tweaking the way the Bing search bar looks and works.

Bing maps now uses more tiles than Google Maps do, with more tiles in the search bar for better search results.

The search bar will now include a search box for users that use Bing.

Bing also has added a new “Help” button in the navigation bar to help users find the most relevant answers to questions in the app when they hover over a tile.

Bing will continue to support search with Google and Google Plus in Windows 10 for the foreseeable future.

Windows Store Updates for Bing Maps are now rolling out to Bing Maps users.

Bing 10.3.3 is now available for download.

Bing added the following improvements to the maps experience for Windows users: A new map view for the top of a tile will be displayed if a tile is below the current tile.

The tile will also appear as a tile on the right side of the map for users who hover over the tile.

“View” and other navigation features are now available in the new map bar on the Maps app.

Users can use the map view to quickly view and zoom in on tile layers.

The map bar will also show a navigation bar when users hover over tiles in their map view.

Bing says it is “working to improve the experience” for Bing users.

Here’s the full changelog for Bing 10 and Windows 10: Bing Maps now supports Google Maps and MapView.

The maps app is now built with the Google mapping SDK.

Users will be able to use the Google map search bar on Bing Maps to access the latest map results.

Bing is also adding a few new maps to Bing’s maps app for Bing: Map Viewers HD and Map Views HD.

“Search,” “Pin,” “Scroll,” and “Pin to Tile” have been added to the search box.

Users have also been able to create their own tiles to display in the maps app, as well as add other tiles to the tiles app.

New MapView feature in the Maps apps Now users can also create custom maps to display on their maps app and on Bing maps for Windows.

Bing already has a map viewer and map views app, but users need to create a new map viewer app to use Google maps for Bing and the Maps for Google app.

“Navigate” will also be a new feature in Bing Maps and Bing Maps apps that allows users to navigate through the map by tapping on a Tile layer or a Tile View layer.

Bing users can tap on the tile to get to a tile’s map view in the TileView app, and users can zoom in to zoom in and out on a Map View layer for a specific tile