How to find the coronaviruses that are spreading in the U.S. map


The United States has the highest number of cases of coronavirene, the first-ever report shows, with 4,086 cases and 5,534 deaths reported in the past three weeks, according to the latest data from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The U.K. has reported the fewest cases.

It is unclear how many people are infected and how long they are contagious. 

The numbers are based on data from coronaviral tests, which are administered to people after exposure to the coronAV strain.

That information has not been shared publicly and does not include other tests used to confirm or reject the virus.

The CDC is not releasing the data.

The virus can spread in close proximity to a person, and the virus can be transmitted through direct contact with infected blood, saliva, urine or feces. 

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