How to spot a wildfire in California, according to Google Maps


The search giant’s mapping app has been giving users the map-friendly title “Where to find the Fire” for years.

Now it’s giving users a map-related challenge.

Google has added a feature to its maps app that allows users to find wildfires in California.

The search engine said on its Google Maps app blog that “Fire danger zones are displayed on the map as orange dots, which you can click on to reveal more information.”

Google added that it was adding the feature to the Maps app “in order to show users where to find dangerous wildfires in the Golden State.”

The fire season in California starts in April and runs through September.

The fire season can last for weeks or months.

California fires are very destructive, but not necessarily in the way Google originally planned.

The California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection said in a statement to the Associated Press that there have been no fatalities in wildfires in recent years, but that there are several fatalities every year from wildfires.

In recent weeks, Google has started giving users an additional layer of information on its maps to show how the wildfire danger zones might look, as well as how the fire is spreading.

That feature was first announced on July 10.

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