North Carolina is going to get $2,000 worth of bitcoin on April 5th


North Carolina will get a measly $2 in bitcoin on the first of April.

The state has already seen its bitcoin trading volume spike dramatically as the first day of April has become known as ‘CoinFest’ due to the massive demand.

Bitcoin is an anonymous digital currency that is created by an anonymous network of computers around the world.

The state will be able to get their hands on a total of $1,000 of bitcoin from the sale of bitcoin futures.

The first bitcoin futures contract was launched on Wednesday and trades will start on April 3rd.

The futures will be available on a few exchanges and some exchanges have already started trading the contracts.

There is also a cryptocurrency exchange offering bitcoin futures contracts that will begin trading next month.

The price of bitcoin will also increase on April 6th.

The Bitcoin price has been on a steep rise recently and it was expected that the price of the digital currency would reach $15,000 by April 15th.

However, on the same day, bitcoin price reached a low of $2.19 per coin on Mt.


The cryptocurrency is currently trading at around $7,500 per coin.

The cryptocurrency has also been gaining popularity among the crypto-enthusiasts in North Carolina.

The first bitcoin enthusiasts group was founded on the North Carolina bitcoin exchange, BTC Club.

The Bitcoin enthusiasts group is trying to promote and help educate people about bitcoin and cryptocurrency in the state.