Tesla superchargers: What to know ahead of next week’s release

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Tesla supercharging stations in Florida and Georgia have received a boost in capacity with the arrival of a Tesla Supercharger station in Miami.

The stations will now have a capacity of about 8,000 per day, and will have free wifi access.

A Tesla Supercharging station in the Florida Keys was previously limited to 2,500 per day.

Tesla Supercharge stations are now being used by about 400 Tesla owners who want to use the supercharging service.

Tesla announced in May it would add about 300 new Superchargers across the country to help it increase its customer base.

Tesla is expected to launch the new Supercharging stations over the next two weeks.

The next superchargering site will be located at the Port of Miami.

Tesla added about 400 Supercharging stations in 2017, bringing the total to nearly 2,000 Superchargings across the United States.

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