Why does the U.S. still have the world’s largest oil refinery in New Jersey?


New Jersey has long had one of the largest oil refineries in the world, with the Port of Newark on its waterfront.

But in the last few years, the refinery has had to close due to a number of problems. 

According to the New Jersey Office of Energy & Natural Resources, the Port has shut down 19 times in the past 10 years, including for maintenance, a shutdown in 2016, a shut down in 2017, and a shutdown this month. 

The refinery has been shut down due to several factors, including the collapse of the oil prices in the United States and the fact that the refinery had to shut down to save money. 

It also lost money because of its cost structure and lack of an efficient, long-term maintenance plan. 

“We lost about $1 billion to that in just a few years,” said Greg Miller, the president of New Jersey Gasoline and Electronic Equipment Association. 

New Jersey’s refinery is a large facility that can handle about 4 million barrels of oil per day, enough to supply the state for 30 years.

The refinery is part of a larger plant that was built in 1974, which has been operational for more than 60 years. 

Miller said the refinery’s closure is not an isolated incident. 

While the refinery is one of New England’s largest refineries, the state has a number other major facilities, like the state’s largest refinery in West Virginia and the New York City-based refinery in Brooklyn. 

There are several reasons why New Jersey’s oil refinery is shutting down, said Miller. 

For one, the U,S.

has a huge number of oil refiners that do not have the same level of capacity to handle the volume of oil that New Jersey does. 

Additionally, New Jersey is not the only state that has to shut the refinery down. 

 “I have a lot of customers who come into New Jersey, they buy gasoline from us and we have to shut that refinery down because it’s not making any money,” said Miller, adding that New York State also has to close its refinery because of the cost. 

As for why New York, the third largest state in the country, has a large number of refineries that are not producing oil, Miller said the answer is not just a lack of oil. 

He said New York is also facing a very high level of unemployment, and is also one of America’s biggest refineries. 

In an effort to keep oil prices low, New York has cut the price of crude oil in order to save on operating costs. 

But because New York and the U.,S.

do not always agree on how to manage prices, New Yorkers are still paying a price. 

And that’s what the refinery does, Miller added. 

On Friday, the New Yorkers’ biggest oil refinery went into receivership, with Miller saying the refinery would remain closed until the oil price rises again. 

At least that’s the plan for now, according to Miller.

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