How to get the new Fortnite world map labeled


Fortnites creator Dean Hall is a big fan of the new map.

But when it comes to its labeling, Hall says that it’s up to him to give his team what they want.

The team is currently working on a new FortNite map called “The World” that will be used in the game’s upcoming expansion.

The map will be based on the map from the game that Hall created called “Halo 4,” which has been a hit with gamers.

But the new version will be much bigger than “Hales” and will feature a larger area.

The map will also feature “a whole new map” of the world, with a bigger map with more “dots” in the corners.

Hall said the team is also working on other features in the new update that will make it easier to find stuff.

The team is still working on adding new maps to the existing “The Worlds” map.

The new “Theworld” map will debut in “Halsey’s Call,” which is set to release sometime next year.

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