How to identify swing states in a map: The Election Day 2016 election map

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The Electoral College is a state-by-state election system where each state receives a number of electoral votes equal to its population.

In the case of presidential elections, the president of the United States receives 270 electoral votes, while the vice president receives 270.

The states are listed in alphabetical order:Alaska: Alaska is not on this map, but it is a popular destination for people from Alaska.

The state is represented by Alaska State Troopers.

Arizona: Arizona is not in the map, as it is not a state.

The state is also not represented on this Electoral College map.

The map above is based on the state of Hawaii.

It is one of the two states that has not voted for a Republican presidential candidate since 1912.

The Electoral College maps are made with a color code that indicates where each county is located.

Blue states are represented by the larger state, while red states are blue.

In states that are not represented by any state, the map shows the counties in red.

The electoral map below is based in part on the states of Maine and Vermont.