New York State map of new year’s eve


NEW YORK — New York State is launching a new campaign on Twitter to help celebrate the new year with a map that highlights where New Yorkers can expect to see fireworks.

The map, which has a number of different categories, features the locations of New York City, Long Island, the Catskills and the Catskill Mountains.

It shows how much time each location would get on New Year’s Eve.

The map has a large red circle surrounding the fireworks site with an arrow pointing to the closest location in the New York area.

There are a total of 15 categories of fireworks in New York, with a total total of more than 1.5 million fireworks in the state, according to a tweet from the state’s Bureau of Consumer Protection.

The bureau has posted a map of New Year in the Sky that shows all the different types of fireworks, including red-colored ones that are red on the sky, white ones that aren’t and blue-colored, as well as white-colored and blue ones.

It also includes a map showing all the fireworks in each borough.

The New York Fire Department says they’re currently monitoring the New Year fireworks.

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