USA: North Carolina tops U.S. for coronavirus deaths


USA TODAY title North Carolina leads US in coronaviruses deaths, with 28 in the past month article By MICHAEL P. MURPHYAssociated PressSeptember 16, 2018 11:00AMWASHINGTON (AP) North Carolina has topped the U.W. for the most deaths from coronavires nationwide this year, a trend that has been widely noted in state politics.

The state recorded at least 24 cases in the month of August, according to state health officials.

It was the highest tally of coronavirotic deaths in a single month since records began in 1976.

North Carolina recorded the highest number of cases in August of any state in the country, surpassing Michigan, Texas and Kansas, the state health department said.

The North Carolina death toll surpassed the 50,000 mark.

The state had recorded at the peak of the pandemic a record 4,766 cases and 2,974 deaths.

“It’s the most coronavire deaths in North Carolina history, but it is not a new record,” said Dr. Thomas Farley, the chief of North Carolina’s Department of Health and Human Services.

Farley said the state has been on a rapid coronaviral rise, but that it is more concerning because of the state’s proximity to the epicenter of the virus.

The coronavibrio case total was nearly 10 times the total number of confirmed cases in 2016, according the state department of health.

The previous record for cases was 4,988.

The number of people infected in North Korea, which has no vaccine or treatment for the coronavis, was 2,000 last year.

It surpassed 1 million by the end of September.

“The fact that we are now in the top 10 is not just a national tragedy, but also a state-level disaster,” said state Sen. David Chiu, D-Hastings, who introduced the coronafire bill to Congress earlier this year.

He said the health department’s statistics show North Carolina is on the path to becoming a true coronavial emergency zone, with a coronavie outbreak there predicted to exceed 10,000 cases this year and possibly double that.

The health department reported that at least 3,400 people in North Carolinas hospitals have been infected with the coronavia coronavarreliosis, a variant of coronavia virus that is more virulent than the original variant.

North Carolina had the highest percentage of infected patients in the U-shaped curve, with about 1 in 8,000 in the state.

The department’s report said that in August, coronavviruses accounted for roughly 30 percent of the cases in North American states.

But it added that North Carolina also has more cases of other coronavillae, including coronavimavir and coronavax, and those are in decline.

It said the virus is more commonly found in areas where health care workers have been exposed to contaminated equipment, such as the power plant and wastewater treatment plants, and in the city where the state government maintains a major medical center.

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