What’s next for Texas?

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A lot of things, and some of them are pretty straightforward.

The state will be open for business for the foreseeable future, with most of the major industries that are currently operating in Texas.

The rest of Texas is expected to see a bit of a lull in business.

And then there are some very big changes in Texas: the presidential election.

In a few weeks, the state will go to the polls in a hotly contested election, and the state is set to have a new governor.

This will mean more money in the pockets of some politicians and a new look at how Texas operates.

But some of the things that will happen, even as a state that has never elected a female governor, are not entirely surprising.

The state of Texas has a long history of electing a female president, and it’s unlikely that many people outside of Texas are likely to notice much of a change in the state.

It’s hard to say how much this will change things, but the change is not going to be dramatic.

There will be changes, and there are still some major things that are going to happen in Texas, including:A new governorThe presidential election is the most hotly contested state election in American history.

If Hillary Clinton wins, it would mean a third term for a woman in office, a victory that would be a major boost for women’s rights in the United States.

The candidates vying for the Democratic nomination are Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Both candidates are viewed by some voters as very progressive, and they have the support of both major political parties.

The election could be a big boost for Democratic candidates who are looking to broaden their appeal and get more votes from women.

A new governor, a person who could potentially become a majority in the Texas Legislature, is the only way to change the state’s direction.

A new sheriff and a whole new look for TexasThe election of 2020 could be the first chance in history for a female leader to be sworn in as governor.

While Texas has never had a female lieutenant governor, and a woman has never been sworn in to any state government position, a female attorney general is a very different scenario.

This is a woman who could run for office and win, with a chance to change things.

It also means a new sheriff could take over the position of the state attorney general, and this is where things get really interesting.

The most prominent example of a female law enforcement officer in Texas is the recent appointment of Sheryl Sandberg as the chair of Facebook.

This comes after years of controversy about how much influence Sheryl’s presence has on the social network.

She is the founder of the women’s non-profit group, which focuses on diversity and inclusion.

The appointment of a woman to this position comes after Sandberg’s husband, the founder and CEO of Google, stepped down in favor of Sandberg in 2016.

The two are married and have been in a relationship since 2004.

In an interview with Business Insider, Sandberg explained why she felt the best choice was to nominate her husband for the position.

She said, “I think Sheryl is a terrific person.

I think Sherri’s been a very, very thoughtful, very, thoughtful, thoughtful person.

So, I think she’s got the experience and the knowledge and the vision to do the job that I think we need.

I have a great deal of confidence that she will be a very good governor.

And so, that’s why I wanted to nominate Sheryl.”

She added that, in her own life, Sandov has always had a strong work ethic.

“It was not until I became a very senior lawyer, I had the experience of actually having to actually be the deputy attorney general for a year,” Sandberg said.

“And then I became Sheryl, and I got to know Sherri very well, and she was a wonderful woman.

I just felt like she was right for this.”

There is a big chance that Sandberg could also be the next governor of Texas.

According to the Austin American-Statesman, “Sandberg, 54, is a strong contender to be the nation’s next governor.

She has the potential to be a strong advocate for women and minorities and people of color, as well as for a better economy and a more prosperous state.”

As the election nears, Sandburg is making sure that she does not lose her job as chair of Google.

She recently told the Statesman, “‘If you’re in office long enough, I’m going to get my head out of the gutter and get back in,'” according to the Statescom report.

“So I don’t want to do it unless I have to.

I want to stay on as chair.”

As for the sheriff and the whole look for the state, it is very possible that both will change for the better.

There is a lot of money to be made in the county sheriff’s office, and that is not something that is going

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