Which cities are most dangerous?

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Posted August 05, 2018 08:08:33The latest U.S. Census data from the American Community Survey shows that Houston is by far the most dangerous city in the country, with a population of about 9.5 million.

That means the Houston metro area has nearly 2 million people living in it, which is nearly four times the national average of about 5,400 people per city. 

The map above shows the most populous cities in the U.N. The map above is from the U,N.

Department of Economic and Social Affairs. 

You can also see the most violent cities in Mexico.

The map below shows the safest cities in America.

The data is from a report from the Pew Charitable Trusts, which analyzed the number of reported homicides, rapes and attempted homicides in the cities it looked at.

This report includes data from 2015, the latest year available. 

For a more detailed look at the map, check out this visualization from the website Mapzen.

The data for the maps below is from this report, which you can download here:

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