Israeli officials to meet with Trump over wildfire evacuation

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Israel’s military has confirmed that a fire has started in the southern Israeli city of Beit She’an and is threatening the lives of hundreds of people.

The army has confirmed the incident, but it is not clear whether it is a direct attack on the Jewish state or if it has spread to other parts of the country.

The military said the fire has destroyed four buildings, one house, a large number of crops and a large amount of livestock.

Israel has ordered residents to leave the city and evacuate to the country’s southernmost region of Samaria.

A fire broke out in the town of Shechem in the Israeli-occupied West Bank last week, which is considered part of Israel.

A statement from Israel’s Defense Ministry on Sunday said that the fire was set deliberately and that the IDF was working with local authorities to prevent the spread of the blaze to the rest of the area.

In the southern part of the Palestinian territories, the fire broke in the village of Qibya in the northern West Bank.

In Gaza, the IDF said in a statement that an attack on a civilian construction site was reported on Sunday near the Israeli border with the Gaza Strip.

The IDF said a rocket fired from the Gaza strip exploded in the area, which caused damage and damage to nearby buildings.

The statement said the area is under threat of attack.

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