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— A list of the top 5 Virginia neighborhoods, based on data from the U.S. Census Bureau’s 2010 American Community Survey, reveals a mix of upscale and low-income residents.

While most residents in the Richmond and Richmond-Alexandria neighborhoods were white, they also accounted for some of the highest percentage of black residents in Virginia.

The neighborhoods with the highest proportion of blacks in the census:The Richmond-Alameda neighborhood in Richmond had the highest black residents at 42 percent, followed by the Hampton Roads neighborhood at 34 percent, the Alexandria-Richmond neighborhood at 31 percent, and the Virginia Beach neighborhood at 26 percent.

Richmond-Alexandre is the second-most heavily black neighborhoods in the U, with black residents making up 42 percent of the population in 2015, according to the U-S Census Bureau.

Richmond-Aberdeen, the city of Richmond and other suburbs are in the middle of the pack.

In the Richmond-Falls Church neighborhood, the median household income in 2015 was $44,000, which is $11,000 less than the $49,000 median household median income in 2013, according the U:The median household in the Fairfax County, Va., neighborhood was $53,000 in 2015.

In 2015, the Census Bureau estimated that the median Fairfax County household income was $45,000.

The Census Bureau found that Richmond-Fairfax is the only county in Virginia where the median income of the median family is lower than the county median household.

The Census Bureau reported that in Fairfax County in 2015 the median median family income was just over $45.

Richardson is the most segregated county in the state, with the median white household living in the county’s most segregated neighborhoods.

The Fairfax County Census Bureau report shows that white families in Richmond, Alexandria, Fairfax and Fairfax-Alexandr had median household incomes of $45 to $64,000 last year, compared to the median families in the city, with about $60,000 for the city.

The average family income in the three census tracts is about $55,000 a year, the census report said.

Richland has some of America’s highest levels of poverty, with residents making more than $50,000 per year, according an analysis of federal data by the Urban Institute.

The U-M-based Institute on Poverty Action reported in July that the average annual household income for Richmond-area families is $57,000 and that the poverty rate is 27.5 percent.

In Richmond, residents in low- and moderate-income households make up about 22 percent of households, according data from a study by the Census Department.

The poverty rate in Richmond is about 19.4 percent, according a report by the Institute on Public Policy Priorities.

The census figures also showed that Richmond residents are more likely to have a college degree than the population of any other census tract in the country.

In the city census tract, the share of residents with a college education was 43.4, the same as in the suburbs.

In a city census, there is less racial segregation than in suburbs, where the racial makeup is much more diverse.

For example, Blacks make up 40.7 percent of Richmond’s population, but only 17.4 of its households are made up of people of color, according census data.

The city has one of the lowest proportions of Blacks in the nation, according Census data.

The most segregated census tract is in Virginia Beach, where there is a median household size of only three people, according Toensing.

The census report found that in Richmond-Branch, the number of households with three or more people is 15.8 percent.

In that census tract the median incomes of white households are about $56,000 compared to $54,000 nationally.

The highest percentage is in the Alexandria area, where 30.9 percent of its population is white, while in the surrounding suburbs, 17.6 percent are white, according The Center for the Study of Southern Poverty Law.

The report found the average median income for all households in the 10 census tracts surveyed is $46,000 with a household size that is about 3,000 people, and that this median income is about half the poverty level in the entire nation.

The average median household Income in Alexandria, Virginia, was $61,200, the report said, and was more than half the median for all other census tracts in the United States.

The city of Fairfax, the nation’s sixth-most-populous, has a median income that is $61.75 million, which makes it the most concentrated of any census tract.

The median income per household is $40,800 in Alexandria and $49 in the rest of Fairfax County.

In Richmond, the average household income is $55.50, according U-T:

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